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Description Edit

Vibrant but dull scales of ocean blue spring all over this dragoness' body. Coming to a stop at the underscales, which switch to a pale sand color. Soft glowing golden marks traced over the thin body that is hers. She's strikingly beautiful, making others speechless. Quite a thrill how her name is Breathless.

Breathless' body is frail but strong. Long, thin, but strong tail. Longer and thinner legs than usual, but with pale, sandy colored webs between each black talon. She's got a narrow and long snout, making her strikingly unique from the other SeaWings. But the reason behind that, is because she is half RainWing. Giving her graceful and delicate structure, yet a strong splash and force in the water.

She has shining white teeth, fangs that can not spit venom. Her eyes are a darkened teal, throwing you off from all of the blue and gold. Her webbed spines are literally split from RainWing to SeaWing, giving her the RainWing spines, yet the webs in the spaces of each one. The webs of course, being a dark indigo. Breathless' tail is thin like a RainWing's. Yet it is strong, but not enough to create waves of any large matter while swimming. In fact, she uses it for direction when swimming, instead of using it for hanging around on a tree (Which she dislikes very much, due to her tail being not prehensile whatsoever.).

The unique markings drawn along her body don't shine very brightly, but do however, sometimes, glow a soft golden aura. These markings, came out in more rigid shapes. Along her gills are diamond shaped markings, while along her arms and legs are more rectangular markings. Her snout however, contains circular markings, while branching out towards her neck and ear, it contains three separated square shaped markings, with three arrow-like markings right after them.

Heheh, this is still a WIP.


Breathless, loves to swim. So she's very athletic, as she loves going for laps underwater, doing exercise underwater, and in the air with her brother, Will. As he takes after her mother, with his more RainWing-like body.

Other than that, she is very intelligent for her age. She drifts towards teaching athletics to her friends, as they choose to rather eat than get physical exercise.