NocturnalWings (these are my idea so dont steal them)

Description: Have Gems embedded in the arms, tails and top of head, used for glowing in the dark. Usually have light green, dark blue, or purple colors that blend together. Have large wings. Have webbed spines. Horns that curve inwards, tuff scale, like armor.

Abilitys: can see in the dark. Are normally born with the ability to obtain powers such as telekenisis, leviating objects, or being able to harness the suns energy to make a burst during combat (this power is only obtained only when a dragon is hatched at the highest peek of day, or sunset) if a dragon is born during midnight they are an animus. They can also read minds and see the future like nightwings, if born under three moons.

Queen: Queen Seeker

Animus dragons: Jewl

Alliances: (if a war) Daywings, and brightwings (if thats if its ok with the creators)