This is a proposal of correct and fair fanon Roleplay rules. You may add to the 'Code of Conduct/Rules.' If it gets enough votes, or the idea is promoted or liked by enough moderators and admins, there is a possibility some of these may be added to the rules.

Note: These rules are all followed on the Birds of Prey: Elemental Flight Wiki.

Rule #1Edit

If you are trying to dodge an attack, you can only dodge twice in a row. An enemy may land a hit freely after your two dodges are up. Once a hit is landed, the two dodge rule resets, unless you want or need to be hit more often.

Rule #2Edit

Acts cannot be made when they are not possible. (Ex: Hearing a dragon speak through lava, something going on with a door closed and knowing about it, hearing a really good stealth assassin, etc.)

Rule #3Edit

Mary Suing. No mystical powers or abilities to teleport all over the mainland in two seconds, being able to kill people in a snap, etc.

Also, hybrids can only be used with other hybrids, as that would be unfair if you were to fight. Animuses are not recommended and should only be allowed to visit dreams or fight more important and powerful dragons in order that nothing unfair happens.

The rules above only apply to Wings of Fire.

Rule #4Edit

Timeline must be kept in check. There cannot be Jet-packs in a middle age era, or Leonardo da Vinci in the future, unless the role play makes no sense whatsoever.

Rule #5Edit

Freedom of speech is in the U.S. Constitution. You have the right to say anything you want in the RP as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate.

Rule #6Edit

Use standard RP words. 'Gtg', 'afk,' and 'lol' are examples of what is accepted, but don't abbreviate random words that are not commonly known to abbreviated, like 'emb' for 'Eat more bananas.' If you do things like this, it will probably confuse other RPers.

Rule #7Edit

You cannot use dragons that are dead, or do not exist, or are not part of a canon or fanon tribe.

Rule #8=Edit

When you need to take a break and tell someone something for real life purposes and not RPing purposes and/or you need a break from typing do this


More rules may be added!Edit