Shifting into other dragon tribes, and using their abilities. Every dragon has one of the usual set of powers they can use anytime, even in another form.


The ThunderWings were created when the Lightning Bolt was stolen from the royal treasury by a ShiftWing servant named Dust. Below is the old ShiftWing tale of the ThunderWings

A long time ago, the ShiftWings were the guardians of the prized lightning rod. It controlled the weather, and created harmony with the dragon tribes. One day, however, a lowly ShiftWing named Dust, (for his favourite form was a SandWing) plotted to steal the lightning rod. He succeeded, but oh, the price to pay was horrible. There was the great battle, for the harmony between the tribes was broken, and so battle broke out all over Pyrrhia, and beyond. the ShiftWings wanted Dust to give the rod back, to restore harmony, but he would not, so the ShiftWings talked to the CurseWings, and they cursed him. He shall no longer be a Shiftwing, but a ThunderWing. until they give back the lightning rod, they will remain as the low race they are; A race of thieves and liars and kidnappers. So, the ShiftWings are the rightful guardians of the lightning rod. They strive to get it back, but the ThunderWings are not willing to return it.


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